Medical Mobile App development

VISAMED has successfully developed and marketed Medical Mobile Apps and are familiar with the Android and iOS platform. VISAMED has experience in setting up a web server to support the app and know how to complying with regulatory requirements for software development. We can therefore offer the complete development of Medical Mobile Apps including regulatory approval. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in adapting the development process of Medical Mobile Apps according to IEC 62304 to the workflow requirement of modern platforms.

iOS and Android

VISAMED has several years in development for user-friendly medical and non-medical mobile apps. We are familiar with the tools and the APIs provided by iOS and Android for phones and tablets, including location-triggers and locations based services, QR codes, privacy and security, integration with Facebook, and streaming of multimedia content to mobile devices. VISAMED is capable of developing a Medical Mobile App from design to product while assuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Backend and Internet

VISAMED has experience in setting up and maintaining backend servers using a Java / Tomcat or Python based Internet infrastructure. These servers can collect and analyse data gathered from Medical devices or Mobile apps and manage recall notifications. Our backends are scalable for a large number of users and provide industry-standard security. VISAMED designs and implements easy-to-use web front-ends using modern javascript libraries and adapt our web pages for the small screen of mobile devices.